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I don’t know what I would do without CHF# 26 for high blood pressure. I used to take medication for it before I found the herbal way. The blood pressure medication only drained my energy and made me feel groggy all the time. On Dr. Klassen’s CHF# 26, I feel like I have my life back with no side effects. Thank you Dr. Klassen


I have taken your CHF formulas since the early 1990’s. As a complete program I feel they have improved and maintained my overall health. However, CHF# 2 (Cal Mag) is the formula that I noticed the most direct benefit from.

In the last 10 years, I have been involved in heavy construction work in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at 9500 elevation with winter temperatures below zero, and in the Mexican Baja with temperatures in the 90’s with high humidity. When I fail to take the CHF# 2 or run out, I suffer from severe leg cramps in the nighttime hours. Also, I have found that increasing my daily recommended intake of CHF# 2 during periods of heavy physical labor, particularly in the cold weather, eliminates cramping in the legs and arms.


CHF# 27 has really been a help to me, especially with menopause symptoms. It has restored a balance to my hormones with the help of the female cream (CHF# 66). I feel so much better physically and mentally! As with all the Country Health products, there isn’t a funny taste or digestive kick back after taking them.


Prior to being introduced to Country Health formulas in 1992, I could not find medicines or vitamins that agreed with my system. Myelodysplasia was the medical term attached to my condition. The only definitive therapy “they” said was bone marrow transplantation. That was twelve years ago.

Since taking the vitamins, recent blood test suggests no signs of Myelodysplasia. In fact, I have been able to tackle some major projects, among them: I have become certified as a teacher, produced my first board game and won a National Teaching Award sponsored by NASDAQ.

I still take Country Health Formulas as I have found no viable substitutes. It is difficult to say which of these products have provided me the most benefit, but certain ones must always line my shelf—CHF# 40 (Colostrum) and CHF# 49 (Infection Fighter). I simply never want to be without them!


I want to thank you for recommending the Sports Injury (CHF# 10). I have been working as a reflexologist for 24 years. The last six years, I was really happy to have this formula because of the wear and tear on the joints of my fingers, neck and shoulders. I have taken many formulas and have sought natural health for over 40 years because of scoliosis when I was young. I have managed to stay healthy, but I know this formula has made a real difference. I noticed it within four days. When I have run out, I notice the difference. Thank you for your efforts in bringing us excellent products.


I would like to express how well the CHF# 37 helps me with pain relief. I used it in the past when I got sick. I like it because it is natural and it seems to work better for my pain than the other medicine like Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. and it is safer to take and doesn’t have side effects. It would recommend this to all.


I have been using Country Health formulas since 1992 and I have found that all of the formulas I use are very good. They do what they are supposed to do for me. I had been researching different brands of supplements since 1971 before I found out about CHF. CHF# 60, propolis cream, is one that I can SEE results in short order. Whenever I have a burn it helps my body to heal without scarring. Same with a cut, fast clean healing without scars. I use it for burns, cuts, scrapes, blemishes, wrinkles and a lot of other injuries. I never want to be without it.


Thank you very much for sending CHF# 12. I would like to let you know that my cholesterol went down from 234 to 203 after taking CHF# 12 (Liver) for two months and my function liver test is normal. Thanks to you and your company.


I use velvet antler and CHF# 37 and my pain got so much better. When I forget to use CHF# 37 the pain is worse and I quickly remember to take the CHF# 37.

Thank you,

Thank you kindly for suggesting CHF# 87 (Bright Eye) and for the recipe of CHF# 63, CHF# 56 and CHF# 42A. I was constantly struggling with reoccurring pink eye infections. Not only have I not had an eye infection, I have noticed that my eyesight has been enhanced. I take the Bright Eye capsules every night before going to bed as well as wash my eyes, with the above equal part solution, and it sure seems that my early morning devotional time is not as hard on my eyes. Truly, I have seen an improvement in my actual eyesight.

Thanks again,

I have been using the CHF# 49 for the last 10 to 12 years. It is wonderful. I haven’t had a regular antibiotic since I have been on the CHF# 49. I usually take two every day, and then if I start feeling bad, I usually take two or three every hour until I feel better. My husband takes them when he starts feeling bad and my two daughters do also. They are better for your body.


My husband has a brain tumor which sits on his brain stem making it inoperable. This tumor has a solid mass with cyst like characteristics; it filled 10 cc of fluid per week. The fluid was being tapped off weekly to keep him functioning. In 1990 he had already placed two shunts in to relieve the pressure and could not remove the tumor. We also had radiation as much as allowed. In April 1991, we were referred to Dr. Klassen. From then on, he has taken the D 17 twice daily and my husband has not had to have his tumor drained. It decreased weekly until nothing. The hospital could not explain it and we did not explain about taking D 17. My husband feels D 17 decreased the cyst characteristics and he doesn’t have the fluid building. His still has the tumor but not all the symptoms, just right side tremors which are nothing compared to before. D 17 (Tumorell) works for him.


We have been using your products for a number of years. The greatest change that I can think of relating to one product is CHF# 62 (MSM). I have not always taken these capsules, but when I do I can notice a real change in my arthritis so now I am planning on staying on them. We are 81 and 80 years old and still very active. We of course, thank the Lord first of all for this, but we also believe taking good supplements is important.


Around June of 2004 I was called by the VA Hospital with blood results. That day, I received the information that I had tested positive for Hep-C. The best we could do in trying to put a place and date was during the time I boxed or fought martial arts, sometime in the 1980’s. I was given five to 10 years to live and without the interferon treatment my life would end. I had just become engaged to my fiancé. My life took a 360 degree turn for the worse. Within that year the symptoms began with fatigue, pain, worry and I loss the desire to live. I couldn’t think or even walk the few hundred feet to my mail box without the help of my fiancé. I called my attorney to make out my last will and testament. After I completed this, his secretary told me about Dr. Klassen who through his Bio Mechanics Clinic and natural products had saved the life of her son who had lymes disease. He is doing great today after the doctors had given up on him. I took her advice and called. In less than eight weeks, with the nutritional supplements and God’s healing grace, I have NO symptoms of Hep-C. I feel like I am 19 and I am actually 54 and married. My life is better than it has ever been.

With total appreciation,

This letter is to express my deepest gratitude for the help, hope, and faith you have given to my mom who just weeks before our visit to the Bio Mechanics Clinic, was told by her oncologist to sign up for Hospice and prepare to die. My mom’s story is one that a letter cannot completely explain, but if a little piece of her story helps someone else, we want and need to share it.

Mom was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer (stage 4) in March of 2005. The doctors all said the same thing, “without chemotherapy your mom won’t survive six months.” A smoker all her life, not one doctor asked her to stop smoking, as far as they were concerned, the damage was done so why stop now. So the process of treatment began, as the oncologists that we believed in warned us of some of the side effects to come, but not all. Week after week, for eight months mom went to her treatments as she continued to lose more and more of her independence and as her body and her face showed the pain she was going through. The typical side effects, like loosing her hair, weren’t anything compared to the numbness and pain she felt in her feet and hands, as each step she took felt like walking on a bed of needles. But each week, the oncologist would say “your blood work looks good, treatment is working, keep moving, the pain isn’t that bad, you can do this”.

The thing that is surprising to me as an educated person, is that I believed in this system so much that the obvious truth on my mom’s face and in her movements (or lack thereof) were not what I trusted, I trusted the doctors. Then after one of the many scans that mom had to go through every six weeks to see if the cancer was growing or shrinking we got the news, “the cancer is growing so we are stopping treatment, we have done all we can for you”. I saw the look in my mom’s eyes, she was scared, we all were. All of a sudden it seemed our hope was gone.

Thankfully, my mom doesn’t give up and neither does her family. We had heard of Dr. Klassen after mom started the chemo and we wanted to give the clinic in Idaho a try if the chemo didn’t work out, even though it wouldn’t be covered by insurance. So here we were, mom and I driving across the winter terrain of Montana and Idaho in search of something, not sure what we would find.

Mom quit smoking the day we left, January 8. This was the first time in my life that I can remember mom attempting to quit, and that was when my hope started to come back. Monday morning was just the beginning. As soon as I met Dr. Klassen and Dr. Smith, I knew we were in the right place. Dr. Klassen spoke to my mom, as did everyone that worked with her during her week of treatment. This was the first time I saw a doctor truly speak to mom since she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Dr. Klassen spoke to her as an equal, not over her head as the others had done.

It was during this week of treatment we started to see the shift in mom. Her eyes had a glimmer in them that I hadn’t seen in years and the color came back in her cheeks. She was excited to wake up each day and to feel better. She was able to do more in that one week of treatments, that she had done in months. No one pushed her or forced her to do anything, mom made up her own mind. I believe the positive energy coming from everyone who works at the clinic played a large role in mom’s motivation. It also helped that each treatment or test was clearly explained to mom. Not only that, but the things they were doing made sense. In some ways I learned more in the week we spent at the clinic, than I did throughout most of my master’s degree program.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to everyone, but knowing that we would return made those goodbyes a little easier. After mom and I left Idaho, mom felt well enough to travel with me to my home. This is the first time since her cancer diagnosis that she has spent any time away from her home in ND. Everyday we continue to follow her plan for nutrition and supplements. Everyday she grows a little stronger and gains more independence. Best of all, she has not felt the urge to smoke since she quit over three weeks ago!

No matter what happens, these past few weeks have been worth more than words can express. I know that my mom may not survive the damage the cancer and chemo have caused, but this journey in search of hope has opened the door to spending time with mom when she isn’t in pain, something we forgot could exist. My mom is a survivor who inspires all with her strength to battle whatever is in her path. With the love and compassion from everyone at the Bio Mechanics Clinic, she feels like a person again, her faith in herself has been restored. My only regret is that we didn’t try this sooner, which we didn’t trust our instincts over conventional medicine and go this route, but I know everything happens for a reason. A thank you isn’t enough, but it is a start.

I believe Dr. Klassen is true hero. Not only has he lifted my family’s spirits regarding my mom’s health, he has changed my life. In a couple months, I will be turning 30. The stress in my life with caring for my mom, many recent deaths in our family (including my oldest brother), and trying to maintain a business of my own have begun to affect my own health. After witnessing the changes in just days for my mom, I decided to follow his advice on nutrition and supplementation. After only a few weeks, my skin has cleared up and my stomach troubles are nearly gone. The energy levels I am feeling now remind me of my teenage years. I cannot wait for a return visit to this wonderful group of people working together to help others, as the experience is one I will never forget.


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