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Dr. Klassen received a chiropractic degree in 1974 and started his practice in 1978. In that year, he had health problems and was given only a short time to live. This motivated Dr. Klassen to go back to school, where he completed his Doctorate in Naturopathy and his Doctorate in Homeopathy at Hahnemann College. Finding his health problems in remission, he resumed his practice. He was employed by three different hospitals in Mexico, where he was active in surgery and the treatment of many different illnesses.

He started formulating vitamin-mineral-herb combinations in 1982 to help meet different health needs, which were woefully under-met by large vitamin manufacturers. Doctors Country Health Store is the outgrowth of this enterprise, and currently produces 105 different formulas. 

There is a book about Dr. Klassen’s life and work due out soon, Silent Storm.

He was accepted by the National Registry of Who’s Who in America in May of 1998 for recognition of his exemplary services both in the community and professional field. The Wall Street Journal acknowledged him in June 1998 by selecting him as a nominee for Businessman of the Year. Dr. Klassen travels throughout the world lecturing and teaching many doctors and laypersons. He has taught in several different colleges. He has also helped many doctors set up their businesses to promote a profitable practice both to the patient and the doctor.

In addition to Doctors Country Health Store, Dr. Klassen also owns and operates the Bio-Mechanics Clinic and the Country Kitchen in Aberdeen, Idaho. He has remodeled part of a building to serve as a classroom to teach nutritional therapies and has had several universities contact him to teach certain nutritional classes.

Dr. Klassen has been married to his wife Joan for 50 years. He has 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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